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For those that areĀ  Blind, visually impaired or print handicapped Bibles for the Blind offers Free Audio Bibles

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Mary Foundation – Free Mary CD

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FREE Pro-life Resources… Free pro-life DVDs, videos, books, CDs, tapes
and literature…pay only shipping and handling costs. For details, call Prolife.com at 310-378-0067

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This worldwide ministry provides free audio bibles to people all around the globe who are legally blind or print-handicapped (unable to hold and read a book). The service provides free audio bibles in more than 135 countries and 67 languages to everyone who qualifies.

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Christian Walk offers christian music CD’s, software, jewelry, books, games, activities and more! They also, have loads of free inspirational articles, humor, love and romance advise, Christian chat and much more.

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They have a wonderful array of Christian products, from Bibles,bible covers to novels, many things to choose from. Many items discounted prices

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All the kids songs you find on this site are free: listen, download, play them on your computer, or burn them to a personal CD for boombox or car listening (of course, you can’t copy and re-sell them to others…). Why is this wonderful kids music free? The children’s music artists who post their songs here want to introduce you to their music…so they’re giving you some of it for free. After all, if you like what you hear here, you might want them to come sing in your community …

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This $100 market value Cd has interactive studies based on popular Storacles of Prophecy and Amazing Facts Narrated, illustrated, and easy to use.

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For nearly two decades Catholic City and the Mary Foundation has been the world’s largest and most trusted producer of Catholic recordings.
Their goal is to provide free information about the Catholic faith to as many people worldwide as quickly as possible. With the best Catholic speakers, free materials, free same-day shipping We warmly encourage you to request copies of the inspirational, life-changing CDs today. Discover a new world. Change your life forever.

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Download or listen to the entire Bible for free in many formats such as MP3 and in many different languages.