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This DVD is the story of four high school friends who, when faced with some of the life-changing decisions of youth, make very different choices, paving the way to very different futures. As this moving drama looks at the sensitive issues of abstinence, abortion, and faith, the grace of God shines the light of redemption on a new path for these young friends. Get this Free pro-life DVD here

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The National Silent No More Awareness Campaign is an effort to make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women, men, and their families. The emotional and physical pain of abortion should not be shrouded in secrecy and silence, but rather exposed and healed. As we are silent no more, society will see that abortion hurts and doesn’t help. This DVD contains: One 28 minute Presentation of the Campaign, one 14 minute Presentation of the Campaign, one 60 second …

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A popular teenage girl, Holly, struggles with unexpected feelings of depression, remorse and alienation from her friends after getting an abortion as a result of an unwanted pregnancy. Holly finds solace at a crisis pregnancy center where an understanding counselor shows her acceptance, forgiveness and hope in her situation. Get this Free pro-life DVD here

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A doctor and his daughter are forced to deal with the subject of abortion in this powerful and penetrating drama. They are both are hit with the issue head on, but from different sides. The movie presents the truth, the choice, the cost, and Christ. There are consequences to the decisions and choices we make in life…and some of them…are deadly. Get this Free pro-life DVD here

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This DVD can have a powerful effect when shown to others and can even save lives— especially when used by pregnancy resource centers or during sidewalk counseling in front of abortion mills. Get this Free Pro-life DVD here

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This film was produced by professional Hollywood filmmakers for today’s visually-oriented culture. Ann Brown, a successful “pro-choice” prosecutor, is asked to take a complex case involving partial-birth abortion. She reluctantly agrees to take the case, which becomes a life-changing journey for her. This fast-paced, sometimes graphic thriller will especially interest today’s youth. Get this Free pro-life DVD here

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Your Destiny Your Choice offers free downloads. An animated cartoon presentation called ‘Battle of the Kingdoms’ and a 25 minute DVD called, ‘Your Destiny Your Choice’ are unique ideas for presenting the gospel to kids or youth groups. The E-Book, ‘Spirituality Made Simple’ is ideal for new Christians – illustrated with cartoons and in simple English….Download Free – Simple and Clean Plan to Help You Be All You Can Be

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Visit this well done site for a great selection of free Christian screensavers and wallpaper. Offers include animated savers that incorporate prayer and inspirational messages, bible themes, Christian related movies like the “Passion of the Christ and much more. International availability

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They have a wonderful array of Christian products, from Bibles,bible covers to novels, many things to choose from. Many items discounted prices

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