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For more than 20 years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—the Mormon Church—has freely given media items, such as books or videos, to the public at no cost.

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Sick and tired of only hearing bad news? Than get a free subscription to Good News. It is a free faith based bi-monthly christian magazine that is full color and brings you the best news you can hear…and always from an interesting perspective. Good News is absolutely free and there is no obligation ever. International availability.

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Marriage & Family Articles
Explore the paths you can take to enjoy the dream of a happy and successful marriage and family. Everyone wants to live this life, but it seems many don’t know how to have a happy marriage. What’s missing? And where does God fit in the picture? Did He have anything to do with the institution of marriage and, if so, did He give us any instructions? When all else fails, maybe we should read the directions! The publishers of The Good News have put together a guide, …

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The Catholic Answer: Contemporary design, lively columns and features! The Catholic Answer magazine brings the truth of the Catholic faith home to you, answering YOUR questions with clear, orthodox replies.

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PIME World magazine is the informative and uplifting publication of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME). Each issue contains articles and columns chronicling the work of the PIME Missionaries as they spread the Gospel of Christ among non-Christians and extend Christian charity to the poorest of the poor in the countries they serve.

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Our Sunday Visitor newsweekly brings you timely coverage of important national and international religious events reported from a Catholic perspective. Critical news, information, and spiritual guidance abound in every issue. Compelling human interest stories, special features, and much more are all included in this colorful weekly news magazine.