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A ton of superb quality Catholic Mp3 files to download.

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Catholic Mp3 Downloads – Oremus Catholic Rock

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FREE Pro-life Resources… Free pro-life DVDs, videos, books, CDs, tapes
and literature…pay only shipping and handling costs. For details, call Prolife.com at 310-378-0067

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Songs of Praise serves up over 380 free downloadable MP3 Christian worship songs in 17 languages. The site has a searchable database where visitors first choose their language and then the song. Also offered here is a good selection of Christian songs in Midi format.

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All the kids songs you find on this site are free: listen, download, play them on your computer, or burn them to a personal CD for boombox or car listening (of course, you can’t copy and re-sell them to others…). Why is this wonderful kids music free? The children’s music artists who post their songs here want to introduce you to their music…so they’re giving you some of it for free. After all, if you like what you hear here, you might want them to come sing in your community …

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This website has the largest collection of free christian music on the web. The music on the site, MP3’s, chord charts, sheet music, lyrics, midi… …

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Christian music offers an inspirational and uplifting alternative to its secular counterparts and consists of a variety of styles,