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A true story of a woman haunted by the 7 infants she had aborted. It is also the story of her contrition and atonement and the mercy of God shown to her. She addresses her story “to all mothers,” and every woman should read it. Get this Free pro-life book here

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Dennis DiMauro is a board member of the National Pro-Life Religious Council (NPRC), headed by Fr. Frank Pavone. The NPRC educates the public on the historic, Biblical Christian teaching on the sanctity of life. A Love for Life is the result of the NPRC’s Get This Free Pro-Life Book Here

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Pierced by a Sword: Get ready for a journey of epic proportions–rather, cosmic proportions. This book is a little treasure, a marvel. This is an adventure, a comedy, a tragedy, a turbulent odyssey and a peaceful stroll.

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House of Gold: you won’t read a more timeless novel than House of Gold — even if you are reading it one hundred years after it was first published. It offers suffering. I know that sounds strange, but you will love the suffering inside its pages.

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Free book about Mary.

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Conceived Without Sin: One strange and wonderful thing about Bud Macfarlane’s storytelling is that his people are so loved by the author that they grab you and hold you. This novel is plainly a story of love and marriage and friendship and conversion. Supernatural forces weave in and out, as they must do in real stories of the faith.

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Randy Meulman  shares from his heart and his experiences in following his Lord for a lifetime. He does not sugarcoat anything about his life and the lessons he has learned. He is always earnest, open and honest in sharing his insights. Two free audio and one book

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They have a wonderful array of Christian products, from Bibles,bible covers to novels, many things to choose from. Many items discounted prices

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Widely recognized as one of Christendom’s foremost authorities on prayer, the South African theologian Andrew Murray wrote prolifically on the deeper spiritual life. 199 Treasures of Wisdom on Talking to God offers one or two sentence nuggets drawn from Murray’s writings relating to communion with God, explaining the what, when, why, and how of prayer.
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Welcome to the Roads to Reading website. We have recently completed five years of the Bi-Annual Book Donation program for Small and Rural Communities. Since 2001, we have created five additional programs to serve organizations that are involved with Children’s Literacy. You can find detailed information about each program on its own page on this web site or you can find information about our newer programs under the “Other Programs” page. In addition to creating more avenues to bring books to children that are underserved, we have also initiated …