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For those that areĀ  Blind, visually impaired or print handicapped Bibles for the Blind offers Free Audio Bibles

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How should Catholics study the Bible? What guidelines should they use? What, in particular, does the Church teach regarding Adam and Eve and the creation accounts in Genesis…is all of that literal? Using the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the documents of Vatican II, and the teachings of several encyclicals, John shows you what the Church teaches regarding biblical study and interpretation.

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Explains Catholic principles of interpreting the Bible. Takes the student through the Bible, offering pertinent information about the historical background, author, and literary style of each book. Selects readable passages from each book of the Bible so that the student can become familiar with the whole Bible and understand it as the Word of God.
This book, and others are available, at no charge when you participate in the Catholic Home Study Service.

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A free, online, non-denominational University dedicated to freely teaching God’s people to observe all things that Jesus commanded. Earn a degree in theology and/or ministry. (Any Country)

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Bible trivia quizzes to test your Scripture knowledge. We offer free online printable and self grading Bible trivia quizzes. Bible trivia quizzes can be a fun way to learn more about God’s word.

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Fill out their form and get two free Christian books – “The Book of Revelation Uncovered”, (decodes Revelation’s cryptic symbols revealing hidden truths and God’s glorious plan for mankind.) and “The Day Jesus the Christ Died”, (Learn the Biblical truth behind Jesus’ Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection.

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e-Sword is a very well done freeware Bible study software program for Windows. It is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly. Features include: An integrated editor for creating your own commentaries or study notes. Spell checking and a thesaurus. Scripture references with clickable ToolTips. Powerful search capabilities. Verse list to create your own topical lists of scripture. Graphics viewer for studying maps, charts, and other images and much more!

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This worldwide ministry provides free audio bibles to people all around the globe who are legally blind or print-handicapped (unable to hold and read a book). The service provides free audio bibles in more than 135 countries and 67 languages to everyone who qualifies.