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Fill out their form and request free bible study bumper stickers. Stickers are yellow and 11×3 in. International availability.

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We are offering FREE bumper stickers to anybody that is willing to place the sticker where people can see such as cars, trucks, vans, 18 wheelers, bicycles, skateboards etc….. Wouldn’t it be a great blessing if somebody saw your bumper sticker and got saved!

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Where you can find Christian Apparel and Merchandise such as Christian Bumper Stickers, Coffee Mugs, Christian T- shirts and other gift ideas. We believe that we are called to be a redistribution center for the kingdom of our Father God.

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Why be silent when you can witness to hundreds of people with Christian bumper stickers? These high quality, vinyl bumper stickers are available in attractive colors with hundreds of messages. Some are even available in foreign languages.