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Prayer Cloth Ministries

We provide FREE Prayer Cloths that have been anointed with anointing oil from the Holy Land and prayed over by our group of prayer warriors. If you or a loved one are in need of healing for your body, Please we urge you to contact us for a FREE Anointed Prayer Cloth. Since so many people do not have a local minister, whom they can sincerely trust to do as James 5:14-15 says, and there are so many scattered people who need prayer for healing from time to time, we have prayed about it, and have determined to follow the example of the Scriptures, and the apostle Paul, by sending out “Prayer Cloths” to those who ask for prayer for healing. Please, it is only a piece of cloth, and must not become an item of idolatry or worship. It is God who heals, through the power of His Holy Spirit~~not the piece of cloth.

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